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Hi Everyone

Bought a piece of land to make my garden bigger the only problem is it overgrown and full of weeds.  What would you recommend would be the best way to clear it .  Cant get a mini digger there.  The only way i could think of was the hard way with a garden fork, but is there an easier way?

Any ideas will be really useful.


A digger would just chop up the roots of perennial weeds which will then regrow a hundred-fold from the bits!
Depends what sort of weeds they are. Excluding light by laying carpet, heavy duty black plastic, or cardboard would stop annuals in their tracks and give you time to dig a section at a time. Personally I would dig out perennials and, when they dare to reappear, spray with glyphosate.


Glyphosate for the perennials spot treated with a hand sprayer, leave for a couple of week  for it to work .  Any ground that is not infested with perennials get a really strong  3or 5 point cultivator and rip the annuals out easier than digging Once it's clear dig it over and spot treat anything that returns. I've done that on an allotment cultivator cleared a 10x4 bed in about 30 mins.


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