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just a point on the wormery 'thing' (which I no longer have): the compost is gorgeously rich but comes in such small amounts that most 'pros' will advise to treat like gold dust - mix with other stuff and treat your fav vegetation with it; the liquid is the 'main event' - you'll be surprised how much you get especially once diluted.

But my reason for gatecrashing your compost 'party' was - does anyone know of any published articles re the effects of different foodstuffs on the compost heap??? I ask because mine seems to be more of a tea(bag) heap at the mo and though it will get turned with whatever else it can eat from the kitchen and garden in due course, i was just wondering if you can guesstimate nutrition, acidity etc of the end product from its diet (beyond the broad 'food groups' of green, woody etc) - I haven't 'googled' yet as that usually ends in tears...  

Oakley Witch

Good question Dottie, I have no idea but you have me thinking now lol


I do know that if you add to many rotting apples it can make it too acid-other than that my guess it is just neutral.

Managed to add another layer to my wormery now, when I looked in the bottom layer seeds were growing don't know what they are - have now moved to another part of garden, the compost must be good for seeds to be growing I guess.

How's your compost heap going?

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