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I am after some greenhouse clips to attach bubble wrap to a greenhouse frame with an air gap - I have found the alliplug style ones but am looking for some which don't tear the bubble wrap. My partners Dad has some which similarly to the alliplug slot into the aluminium frame and then stick out to create the airgap, but then a 'cap' sits the other side of the insulation to clip the two together rather than piercing the wrap. Can't seem to find them anywhere, anyone seen them online or in shops?

Thanks in advance



this is what your after I think ebay search greenhouse clips

 and you also buy the other part that fits in side these clips



Yep indeed James or try Amazon (greenhouse fixing clips)



But when you push and twist the clips for the fittings shown above, they will make holes in the bubble wrap.


I have no idea what Holly wants, i use the method as shown here. Very cheap from ebay 

These above clips are useless they break the minute you use them and are not worth the money, I have several greenhouses to do I have used tape in the past in areas where clips don't fit but that wont last the season.



I am still using those same clips, bought four years ago, however, the bubble wrap has perished this year, just disintegrates when touched. I am not going to bother this year but will drape fleece over any tender plants. 

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