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Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I'm getting a greenhouse from the wife as my Christmas present.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this one or recommendations for a similar priced one?

Welcome jimbo. I got my first greenhouse last year, same size as the one you are looking at, just normal glass though! I looked into it a bit and found polycarbonate sounded fragile, pains of plastic flying off.......greenhouses blowing away. If you really search you can get horti glass for the same price. Safety glass is more expensive, I wish I'd got a bigger one now though. ......Great present....lucky man!

I have had no problems with polycarbonate greenhouses. It is stronger than fragile horti-glass - as you will see from the storms. There is a vast difference between one of those cheap blow away plastic things that cost about £15 and woodenframed polycarbonate greenhouses. It is also the most widely used in Europe.

8X6 is fairly a normal size tbh.

I would look out for sale prices over the next few weeks.

I dunno not had any problems with my horti glass in the storms blairs! When I brought mine I read reviews on the polycarb greenhouses and alot of people complained about windows popping out in the wind. Didn't realisr it was wooden framed. Think most people would like a bigger greenhouse when they look back on it. Defo look out for the sales though.

I have had 80mph winds out back the last few days, my glass greenhouse is fine (my shed roof however has disappeared) . I would be worried about poly carb more than glass. after about 3 months poly carb glazing cloud up which in turn lets less light in and you get green stuff growing inside the carb making it impossible to clean. Looking at the price of that one you are only about £150 of a glass one. Can you not put the extra towards it?



I agree glass has been used for years and years put the extra to it and buy glass,



Get the biggest one you can afford / fit in to the garden. I've only had mine a month and I'm already wondering where I can expand!!

Thanks all. I found a glass one at Argos Not sure on an Argos product though. Not had a greenhouse before (we just bought our first house) but in my mind it's glass and aluminium so could there really be an issue? It's a little smaller but there are only two of us at the moment.

Keen to not really spend more than about £300 as it is our first one. We're in a fairly sheltered area but my parents always had a glass one so they are pushing us to get a glass greenhouse.

Would you get the Argos one?

Jimbo, that's really tiny. Depends what you want to use it for, of course, but in your position I would get a cheap plastic polytunnel type and put the rest of the money towards saving up for a proper larger greenhouse, either glass and wood or glass and aluminium (personal choice). 

The halls popular 8x6 is a couple of quid more putting it up is an experience though! Def a two person job that.

With greenhouses, I figure the biggest you can afford or have space for. I have a 12 by 8  glass/aluminium one with high sides and double doors. Expensive at the time, but 25 years later, i've had my moneys worth. For overflow/hardening off, I am using some of the cheap metal frame and poly zip up cover type. The cover is on its way out after 2 years, but I used it to raise a load of perennials for new bit of garden, so that paid for itself.



if you can take down and collect your self there are millions of glass greenhouse's on ebay second hand for less than £50. some belters too, I should of checked before I bought mine. and if you have to rent a van for £100 for the day. You could be all sorted with a big greenhouse for £200 with fuel costs. also they normally have the staging ect that they just want moved.


I can't comment about polyC etc.. as I have glass in both mine, but would agree that wait until you can get the biggest you can accomodate / afford, you'll be surprised how soon you can fill it.  Fun in the Winter you can sit inside on garden chairs and admire your garden.  


I agree with KEF, go for the biggest that you have room for. I love my greenhouse; it has changed the way I garden.



KEF you make my day

I can see you with a deck chair sitting in a sleeping bag with a cup of hot tomato soup and a candle and admiring your garden.



Clueless, more like a can of lager   I love the GH Club house.


 ebay and the biggest you can fit in. 



my 10x8 greenhouse from ebay was £30.00 and as I had a trailer it cost me just fuel to get to Kent (best item I've ever bought from ebay)


that's a great price Clueless for a great size.  I do wish I checked first, as I searched ebay once for greenhouse, every time I visit ebay the front page is full of greenhouse's for cheap money.. And it makes me sick