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I'm going to put in some planks (about 20cm wide) to make a raised bed. The bed will be 2 metres long by 1.2 metres wide.

I know this should be a basic maths question but how much soil and compost would I need to buy to fill it?

About 4.8 cubic metres. I'm no good at maths but just buy as many as you think you need, and if you buy too much you can use whats left for potting up or soil improvement.


Assuming 2m x 1.2m x 0.2m deep is  0.48 cubic metre. Order 1 builders bag full and see how you go on..

Dave, you ain't wrong about not being good at maths are you   Jimbo would have about 4.3 cubic metres left over and that's a lot of potting up!  Fidgetbones has the right number.

Thanks guys, maths is not my strong point at this time of the year!!!!



Hi Jimbo, just in case you are buying it in smaller bags, 0.48 cubic metres is 480 litres, so about 7 standard 70l compost bags.

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