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Kathy 2
Is there an ap for GW? I am fed up with going through "Safari", then "Google", then "Gardener's World" to get at the forum. On my laptop, I have it on my favourites bar. Unfortunately, it takes forever to boot up - iPads are SO much quicker. I've looked in the Appstore but can't find it.
Miss Becks

Kathy, can you not just put it in your safari bookmarks bar? That's what I do, then I just open up safari, press bookmarks, and it's there. Although an app would be better!

Steve the Gardening Vet

On the page there is a box with an arrow coming out of it, hit that and click 'add to home screen' and Robert is ideed your Mother's sibling!


Kathy 2
Thanks Insomnia.
THANK YOU Steve - just tried it and "Bob's your uncle". So much easier!

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