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Hi, first post so please be gentle.

I recently really started gardening in earnest (rather than begrudgingly mowing the lawn!) and have created some borders to plant up. We have some plants we rescued (we moved in a year back and the garden was VERY overgrown) which are in place, but we want to plant up some perennials.

Having taken delivery of one of the 'bargain' plant packs thorugh the post, I've potted them on and placed them into one of those cheap four shelf, polythene covered 'mini-greenhouse'. The 'greenhouse' is firmly bungied to an obliging post and has blocks on the bottom shelf.


Anyhow, the one thing I was wondering is do I need to open the front 'door' of the GH during the day or keep it closed? The last thing I want to do is kill the young plants off. 


Thanks for your help!



My GH door is open in the day and only shut at night to keep the birds out, the little b...s love an early morning rummage in the seed pots. What plants have you got in yours Wodufin? Mine are all hardy, just young. Apart from the tomatoes that go out there in the day time and back to the kitchen at night.


Definately open in the day, stops damping off - but do keep your eyes open for the slimey slugs and snails with young plants. 

......just back opening the door (ok, rolling it up!)


Thanks for the replies, very much appreciated.

The plants are all hardy perennials, 5 each of  - Geum, Delphinium, Foxglove, Echinacea, 2 types Lavender, Penstemon, Scabiosa, Silene, Poppy, Gaillarda and Heuchera - not bad for £10.

We've plenty of space, with one half of the garden in full sun, and the other moving from dappled to full shade. The plants above are for the full sun and dappled areas.


I'd only shut down if a frost was forecast for those Wodufin. And soon not even that. Get them toughened up and grown on outside for a while.



I started my gardening with one of those. I now have a lovely GH, but still use the mini GH as a cold frame, I like the way there are shelves so takes up less room than a traditional cold frame and my placky one does the job.. If it rips then replacement covers are easily available


Have put in a request for an equivalent wooden one for my birthday though 

hollie hock

I do all my growing in my coldframes, they are not the traditional on the floor types, more like mini sturdy greenhouses. Definately open in the day now and sometimes at night

Did very well for £10


I take it they are all very small? Otherwise they are all hardy and can go out now.


Obviously zip it up during the day if it is windy or it can blow over/away regardless of how heavy the pots inside it are.

Thanks for the further replies.

The plugs are all quite small, with all the plants being about 1" or smaller, so I'm guessing that they need to grow a bit bigger first? 

hollie hock

I would grown them on a bit before putting them out


If they are same plugs I have just had they are very small and need potting on  a couple of times before they are big enough to go out.

Shrinking Violet

I use two mini plastic GHs as cold frames, and very useful they are, too.  I open the door during the day (unless we have a sudden burst of cold wind again) and close at night.  After about a couple of weeks, I'll leave the door open at night as well, and by then the plants should be OK to be planted in their final position.

Oh - and a quick hint that I have found helps:  when you roll and then tie the door open there is a bit of a strain on the plastic and the joints, and the door sort of sags around the tie.  I roll a short piece of garden can in the middle of the roll, and it keeps it firmer.  No sagging!

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