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Hello, I have a lovely Miscanthus sinesis Moonlight and I need to know when and how do I prune also a Zebra grass same problem this is the 1st year for both and they have been stunning do i cut them down to the ground or not ? all replies welcome.


Yes.  You can do it now before the new growth starts so you don't damage the tips of th enew shoots.  If growth is already visible, cut off the old growth just a bit higher.  Secateurs will do for smaller plants but our zebrinus is now well established and very chunky, we use hedge trimmers. 


I nearly always leave mine too long and have to prune carefully rahter than cutting through in one go. Perhaps I'll go out this afternoon and do some.

If you can I think it best to prune carefully trying not to cut new growth. Depends on size of plant but it's shame to hack new growth too


Thanks for replies the new growth has only just started so I have managed to prune both plants.



hi all a friend of mine has just given me a plant called a zebra plant never had one befor but there is about six long stems in a little pot been there all winter surprised it has suvived.does it grow big and wide and when i put it in the ground do i seperate the stems or put the whole thing in?


If you're plant is miscanthus zebrinus it will eventually get to between 1 and 1.5 metres talland spread 50cms or more wide.   You plant the whole thing together.


thank you i will do that tomorrow

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