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I watch a pruning video on this site however it shows the honeysuckle pruned much lower than i am trying to achieve. I am trying to grow mine over pergola. Blooms are only full and vibrant early spring. afraid if i cut back as shown i will continue to be shorter than i am looking for.  any ideas on this !


It will grow back if you prune it. Cut it back to almost nothing and it will grow back. It will grow to the height it reaches naturally whatever you do. 

It won't flower through spring and all summer as well, you may get a second flush, but there isn't much that flowers all season.


There are different varieties of honeysuckle that bloom at different times of the year.  Lonicera Belgica flowers early on and L. Serotina flowers about now.  You could grow both - and then there are others that flower through the summer - L. Graham Thomas is one of my absolute favourites with a beautiful scent. You could grow that one as well.  I grow all threee 

flowering rose

as nutculet  says you wont get something to flower all through the seasons so you need to plant things that will flower at different times and have a good flowering. My arch has 3 different clematis and a rose plus kiwi .


My Graham Thomas is about to have a second flush. The first flush is now red berries. 



I have these two honeysuckles, and I'm fairly sure I need to cut them right back. They've got very woody. When do I cut them back and do I cut near the base of each vine like my lgc advised. 

Will they take long to regrow? 



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