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Our garden shears need to be sharpened, can anyone give me some advice on where and who would do it these days.  They don't come around the streets these days with a grinder and I haven't done much gardening in my working life.  Or would any of the expert sharpen the garden tools themselves. 

regards Chris


If you have a local lawn mower man that services mowers, then he may well be able to sharpen your shears.


We have looked and searched our area and can't seemed to find anywhere.  All the little Hardware shops seem to be a thing of the past around here, we will try our local Market Hall there may be someone who knows someone!.

thanks for the info.

regards Chris

Paul N

No need. Just buy a fine file and duplicate the angle that the previous sharpening was done at. It's not rocket science, really. Place the hedge trimmers in an engineers vice.

This doesn't resolve your problem of sharpening the shears you have but you can buy self sharpening ones. I haven't needed to sharpened mine and they are years old.

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