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09/08/2014 at 14:05

Smokin Donkey,

Mike was referring to watering the garden, he wasn't equating the water from a butt with potable water from the tap.  He said ".... Any natural bugs, spores etc that may develp in a water butt are relatively harmless, when it come to watering the garden. ...."

And I can assure you that human urine is frequently used as an activator on compost heaps in this garden 

09/08/2014 at 15:26

I did and can read well what mike had to say,

The qustion we we're all asked was is it safe to use water from 4 month storage in a water butt that smells,

My reply was i wouldnt "But you could use that water to make a fertilizer" if you wanted to use it for anything.

Mike went on to say all butt water was ok to use on the garden as the soil would kill any nasties,

I disagree and said why,

And ref the urine use,

I was simply informing those who didnt know of the uses of the contents on compost making,

And that if we looked at what was used to grow food in the first place we'd never eat any veg grown from waste,

But the main point i was making was also ref what the tv program pointed out ref how bacon is washed in chemicles that "DO" cause illness if you eat a said amount of Bacon treated this way; and this is a modern way of treating food.

But if you use urine on your compost ? good for you, im not saying dont

What i was saying is we're no better today than the victorian gardeners were of yesterday but we dont seem to have the verious illness they suffered with

I wonder if its because most of us drink clean water, can now understand a lot more ref whats in the food we're told is safe "when in fact it isn't"

And the fact that even the goverment has said all packaging must show what the product is made of and whats added,

So many companies dont want the customer to know whats added, I wonder why!!!!!

And we have a very big health problem with people the size's they are "over wieght"

I for one would'nt tell anyone its ok to use any form of feed or water that i didnt believe was safe and water that smells and has sat there for 4 months i wouldn't think was the very best to use,

Would you?

Well ive off to enjoy a nice cup of coffee, whats your poison "urine in a glass maybe".

Have a nice day.

09/08/2014 at 16:03

It's water, full of stuff that's in the surroundings.

I'd put it on the garden, but not on leaves I'd be eating.

I wouldn't drink it.

Everyone has opinions, that's fine, I acknowledge  SD's opinion, and Dove's and Mike's 

and my own

09/08/2014 at 21:09

Seconded, nutcutlet.

09/08/2014 at 21:12

09/08/2014 at 21:23

09/08/2014 at 23:07

Me also I second what you've said "Nutcutlet".

I dont believe in any free meals and if you take health as some sort of  expectation your only fooling yourself for as long as your healthy,

Let the safe fence fall down and pay the price and its not always a case of "when i recover i'll never take that chance again,

Some people dont recover and it's not always the fault of the consumer,

bad health practice is all around us and some times you cant help but think why has it taken so long for laws to change ref what is excepted and what isn't,

Just to show you one point of what im talking about,

" Here in france the powers tobe have now said that all manure from any farm cannot be used as silage on the fields were the same farm cattle have been bred,

this is because the powers tobe think this manured grass is eaten by the same live stock that their manure was used to grow the grass and this causes those animals to cross infect,

Farmers are up in arms with this "NEW" idea and are now wondering what they are to do with all this manure they have piled up in the fields,


Once this manure was spread over the ground to feed the cattle next spring but not anymore.

As im sure you can see this idea of the soil will sort out any bacteria isn't working anymore so dirty water will be thought of as the same cross infection.

Some of the old ways of thinking and practicing are changing fast And as i said forums such as this are for the amature gardeners but when it comes to health then the years of Lab testing and the results found are all done by trained people who have the interest of health as their main issue and its because of such people and their education and findings that we can continue to live in a healthy state.

I hope this little lot will shine a light on why times are changing.

09/08/2014 at 23:25

um.. not really...

25/08/2014 at 10:05

Hi all ,iv not long ago purchased from Gumtree a 1000 ltr dark blue ex grape extract  butt  just the job for water storage,i also got a ready made Hozelock twin conector made for these buts about £5 and im running 2 hoses off it ,the amount of water it holds allows me to use the hose pipes to reach all over the garden and water on a slow release type of thing, no more buckets, I was lucky to get the butt and  delevery local for £30,but  on line there about £50 And charge a lot to delver,but they are a godsend  for water storage, i also use a drop of rapeseed oil on top of the water and a table spoon of Jeyes,  pots of clematis ,Honeysuckle and a nice fig tree are now growing through the metal cage it comes in to camouflage it.and Smokings got 2 lucky devil, good luck all  raining erein Norfolk 

26/08/2014 at 17:57

As I'm not fit enough to clean out my water butts, although the water looks reasonably clean, I use this water for my flowers but use the hose for veg.  I just feel happier doing it this way.

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