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Does anyone have information on using charcoal as a soil conditioner?The charcoal has come from bonfires ,used to clear mostly hazel and hawthorn shrubs .I have extremely heavy neutral ph soil and am mostly growing vegetables on it.

hello reg,
i have been saving charcoal from my wood stove to use mixed in compost for my house plants.
1.put the charcoal in a strong bucket and soak it in a either worm/comfrey or nettle "tea" for a week or 2.
2.pour off any tea that remains, then leave charcoal to dry out.
3.once dry, pound the charcoal (in the bucket) into a powder and add to compost.
the charcoal will slowly release nutrients into the compost.

it is also possible to use a product called biochar which comes in big bags.
here's a link you might find interesting.

I remember reading that it's pretty useful stuff when mixed with soil and is/was widely used around the world, especially in ancient times.  Google "charcoal soil conditioner" and "Terra Preta" for some interesting reading.


Are there any plants that particularly benefit from using Charcoal?

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