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After watching Gardeners World a couple of weeks ago I set out to maintain what can only be described as a dismal, weed riddled, thatch laden lawn. Never one to take the easy option, I have decided to tackle it with gusto! The one item I have been unable to locate is the scarifier rake as shown on the programme. Any ideas where to buy?



is that the one that has long prongs for raking up moss and stuff ???

if so, i have one that i've never used in my garage that you can have.


don't suppose you live in Swansea, South Wales by any chance do you ????


You can hire professional scarifiers, the best is a sisis rotorake as i`ve used them on many occasions including professionally. You are best not to use them during really hot weather as it can stress the grass out and make sure you can water the lawn after.

Agree with fred#60 here, not the weather right now & don't buy one if you're still experimenting, just hire it - but brace yourself for a tough day's work!


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