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Lyn Whittington

Thought i would share this with you ! i love this photo i took last summer the bees were mad for my cosmos


That is a lovely photo. I had the same thing with my Fox Gloves, the bees were mad for them too. It is just amazing to watch them buzz in and out of the flowers and to watch how they move the petals about to get in. 

hollie hock

I grew the white Cosmos for the first time this year and saw the same as you the bees loved them. Mine were very late in flowering as the Summer was awful but when then did grow..........they can get to be tall plants. Will grow them again next year

I had a huge amount of large bumblies attracted to the snapdragons, got lots of enjoyment watching the bees bums as they fought their way in

flowering rose

I love watching the bee activity ,lovely photo,love cosmos too.

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