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Hi all, Any suggestions for the best large ferns for a wildlife garden? Thanks for any help, Justin

Justin...........there are a lot of ferns...........big, small, evergreen, idea of your space and situation would helpShuttlecock fern is big but deciduous...give us a clue

Royal fern is a big un.


The male fern, Dryopteris felix-mas is very easy and less fussy about moisture than a lot of them.

Sorry, would prefer evergreen. Large/talk growing. Fairly Shady area.



What's the soil like? 

It's in medium soil next to a log pile and another one I hope to plant near a pond.

Dry? damp?, acid?, alkaline?

star gaze lily

Ooh, sorry, could ask on your thread too please, Justin.  i'd like a small/medium fern for my stumpery that I will be making soon.  soil is clay but prob topsoil where it is going.

Not sure if acid or alkaline, haven't tested. Fairly dry. Not overly.

matteuccia, the shuttlecock is deciduous and damp loving.

The royal fern like it really wet and preferably acid

harts tongue, asplenium is evergreen, easy but not very big

Lots of info here



Yes, I like that one

star gaze lily

Thank you Justin for letting me share 

And thank you nut 


Sorry, Lily, hope I didn't offend.   I'm hoping to make a stumpery too.

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