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I am puzzled by the regular appearence of four robins on the bird table. This is March, and I would have thought by now they would have become territorial. I was expecting there to be just a pair, hopefully nesting in our garden. What do you all think?


Have you looked at the thermometer? I think if I was a robin I'd be having second thoughts about starting a family in this weather too!

Woodgreen wonderboy

They obviously know that it is going to be a wonderful summer and that there is no rush!


I think you've probably got two pairs - your feeding table is on the boundary of their territories, and at the moment, with the scarceity of food beause of the weather, they're far too sensible to argue about territories - if they don't have access to enough food for themselves in these hard conditions, they'll be too frail to hatch a brood, let alone feed and raise them 

Bunny ...
We have loads of robins this year , obviously nesting close by



Keep putting out mealworms for mine but the blackbirds keep stealing it.

Pennine Petal
2 males in the garden at the mo, trying not to get too close to one another, but seem to be tolerating each other. The food is buried in the snow, so they are taking whatever falls from the feeder above. Steep slope so will try to get up there if it stops snowing.
Jean Genie

Just topped up the bird table with some more mealworms and have just seen four robins . Sure there will be a big scrap in a bit.

The mistle thrush has been back as well , always a treat to see him/her.

One good thing about the snow (probally the only one ). I get to see a lot more birds.

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