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Bee friendly
Hi, I have noticed that some of the holes in my bug house seem to have what looks like leaves blocking some of the holes, I regularly see bees in the holes but I'm not sure if it's the weather that has blown wet leaves onto the holes and they have stuck there or if it's a deliberate insect related cover, does anyone have any ideas?
Bee friendly
Thanks Dove, I'm trying to encourage all kinds of things except cats!!!

The Leaf Cutter Bees in our garden like Fuchsia Genii,Acer Orange Dream and Phlox Bright Eyes best

Pam x

Wow! sit, watch and enjoy, i dont have leaf-cutter bees [i wish] but what i do have are bumble bees,that have made their home via a hole by the side of my fish pond,wonderful to see the pathway they make,through plants, quite a few bees are back and fore with what looks like pollen, amazing, oh! how i wish it would stop raining,so i can sit and watch.

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