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Good idea Dove, lots of brimstones today, a few small tortoiseshells and a couple of peacocks.

Might do a moth trap this week, can they share your butterfly thread please?


Oh yes please!  We're big fans of moths too 


Very high species count here Dove. Some real beauties amongst them

Here's a picture of a moth I spotted the other day - was trying to fly but one back leg damaged so I managed to get a photo

Beautiful moth though



I'm afraid I don't know what we saw yesterday, but there were two or three different kinds - they move faster than either my eyes or my brain these days!!


General colours Bookertoo?  Yellow or orange at this time of year = brimstones or tortoiseshells

hollie hock

I saw my first butterfly yesterday, but not for long


i saw a peacocl and red admiral today in the garden.. lovely to see.

Russell Parry
Saw Peacock butterfly on allotment yesterday - thought it was a bit early?

we were out by a river today and saw several peacocks, amazing

when u concider the cold we have had!



Several peacocks around here today with the odd red admiral and brimstone.  I think it's the ivy flowers which attracts them (infested with the stuff!)  I keep a patch of stinging nettles behind the shed for them, too.


I think this poor fellow must have only just survived the winter!  Looks like a Peacock judjing by what is left of his once magnificent wings.

 He was quite active though and still flying short distances!

muddy mare

A lovely peacock while on a teatime walk with my dog the rest of the time saw nothing but seeds and soil in a valiant attempt of cathching up with sowing.


Small Tortoiseshell, I think, Bob. You can see a bit of the blue border on its hindwing and the black and cream shapes on the leading edge of the forewing seem more typical. As you say, not a great example.

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