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Wild about Flowers
Hi again Nutcutlet - thanks for your advice - I will start leaving them out
from tonight and plant them next week in the wildflower garden. I'll let you
know how things go (or should I say grow!!)

Yes, keep us informed


Tip for foxgloves, don't sow all your seeds this year. They are biennials, so they won't flower this year, but will next, then they should self seed, but those won't flower for a year, so you'll have a year gap (if that riddle made sense)..

Therefore so half seeds this year, and do the same again next year so you have both 1 and 2 year old plants in the garden. After that they should get their own flowering/seeding cycle going.

Wild about Flowers
Thanks for that Andy - I will certainly follow your advice.
Wild about Flowers
Hi everyone - I still only have my six oxeye daisies and they're doing very well
now in individual pots, but still too small to plant out yet. A question I need to
ask which will probably sound very silly (bearing in mind I'm new to all this)
is - would it be o.k. to plant celandines and/or buttercups in my wildflower plot,
or are they too invasive? I love the bright yellow of both of these but would be
very grateful to hear from those of you who know about these things, if it would
be unwise to plant them. Because of my apparent inability to grow things from
seed I have bought several healthy plug plants to get things going, so will let you
know how they go on shortly.


Wild about Flowers
Hi All,
Just to let you know I have a lovely patch of wildflowers in full bloom now in
my wildflower patch. I have cornflowers (in bud) oxeye daisies just opening,
red campions looking lovely, cowslips (now more or less over - do they self seed?).
Just waiting for the sneezewort (ha ha!) ladies bedstraw and clover to get going.
Nutcutlet, I was sorry to see your cow parsley has gone rampant in another post.
Having some of that in flower right now (only one plant) should I be scared? I didn't hve much success with growing seeds in seed trays, but the ones I put
straight into the ground are coming on a treat - mostly poppies, cornflowers,
clover etc. I covered them with fleece so the pigeons couldn't eat them and
they seemed to really like it. Will let you know how it goes in a few weeks.
On the subject of bees (the main reason I'm growing the wildflowers) I haven't
seen more than two or three in my garden, even though the apple blossom is
lovely. I feel it's a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted,
but I do hope this isn't the case.

Hi WoF, that's good to hear apart from thelck of bees. Don't be scred of the cow parsley.When it stops looking pretty take most of the seed heads off. The hogweed is worse, it has such bigleaves.

Wild about Flowers
Thanks Nutcutlet - I'll do that with the cow parsley! Good luck with the
hogweed - it sounds a bit of a nightmare so hope you can stop it spreading!

I can stop it spreading further if I don't let it seed but i should have done that years ago. 


WoF - sounds like your meadow is really coming along - great news.

Nut - I took your advice last year and planted patches of yellow rattle seed to try and subdue the grass in my meadow.  These have all taken (yippee ) so am expecting the yellow flowers very soon.  The question is, what next ?  Do i plant plugs of wildflowers in the rattle patches, or do I leave them to get going and not plant anything else til next year ??  I know you are the expert - sorry for nicking someone else's thread - but it is wildflower related !


Hi chicky

I'd start some plants for the meadow now and grow them onto something larger than a plug to plant out after the last mow. The YR will seed itself but you can collect some and spread it to exactly where you want it. 



Nut - many thanks. Am passing a GC today so will get some seeds going.  Thank you for "holding my hand" on this long term project .  One question every six months is a difficult one to keep a thread going for.  You can be sure that if it ever succeeds, I will be giving "my friend Nut" all the credit - people can make of that what they will!!


That's very kind chicky. Not sure if I'll deserve it but thank you. I've had 20 years to realise my errors so if I can shorten that time for others I will.

Hi all, would love to see some phots of your wildflower meadows.

I am hoping to start one next year on my wild allotment, just trying yo get rid of ground elder at moment


I'll see what I can find this evening aliesh



It was surprisingly difficult to find pics. I think the last couple of summers have been so poor it's not been so photogenic. I'll have to look on the computer that goes back a few more years. Did find one of some crested dogs tail grass  and the yellow rattle




But now I enlarged them I can see it's not all crested dogs tail.


Wow what a large meadow you have how lovely, do you get lots of wildlife?


We have lots of wildlife Aliesh, in spite of the farmer on 2 of our 3 boundaries being a bit spray happy. The third side is the road, if he started sprayng that it wouldn't surprise me. Loads of birds, one of our neighbours said the volume of birdsong goes up as you pass our garden. We get insects by the million, food for the bats. Dragonflies and damselflies, hoverflies. Bees a bit poor this year as with everyone else  but hoping for better when the weather improves. The sun is just beginning to show NOW 

The ponds have great crested newts and smooth newts and larvae from all those insects. It's our patch of paradise.

Wild about Flowers
Thanks so much everyone for all your input (especially you Nutcutlet - you sound
like everyone's mentor and a great one at that I have to say). Chicky and Aliesh
you are very welcome to use my thread...after all we are all hoping to achieve the
same thing. I want my wildflower garden to get going a little bit more before I
take photos so that there's more colour. Wow Nutcutlet you definitely have wild-
flower meadows and not a wildflower are so blessed! I used to live
right on the edge of the Cheshire countryside as a girl and still can't get used to
living in suburbia (even if it is by the sea).