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Hi WaF, I've not been about lately due to lack of internet. Back now

How's it going with the photo uploading? If you're still struggling I can do an upload of something and write down each step and PM you.

My meadow had been a bit of a sad sight this year, too much rain early, too tall, too much wind, all fall over. Good yellow rattle though and lesser knapweed now. Also the first of what I believe is meadow vetchling. Not bad in a few places but overall a mess.


Wild about Flowers
Hi Nutcutlet,
That would be great thank you! I'm not very well-up on computer matters
I'm afraid, so if you think you could guide me through what to do I would
be very grateful. Would you need my email address for this?
I think a lot of gardeners must have had disappointments this year as it
was such a poor Spring, but thanks to your advice, I now have a lovely
show of poppies, cornflowers and corn marigolds, which with your help, I will be
able to post photos of here.

I won't need your email address to send a private message I'll click on your poppies and 'message me'.

I'll start with a pic

 Right,, done that, oenothere rosea and annual quaking grass.

Await your PM



So that's what annual quaking grass looks like - I have lots of it in one of my flower beds, but sadly none anywhere near my meadow !  Maybe I should turn my borders into meadows and plant  a few garden plants in the field that is pretending to be my meadow !!


Jim Macd

Hi WaF,

collected my Cowslips green yesterday and sowed. I could only face 240 plugs, sounds a lot but won't go very far will do more tonight. Most were still green, a few and ripened so you'd need to get out pretty sharpish where you are to get green seed.

Wild about Flowers
Hi Nutcutlet - Just to let you know I'm still alive and kicking!!! I am really
sorry I am such a nincompoop when it comes to doing things online and
although I have read all your PM which you kindly sent me, for the life of
me I can't get a message to you. I have typed in your nickname and what
the subject is about, but when I try to type my message to you it just won't
work - I can't type in a single word and I've tried everything.!! On top of that
I don't have the little green tree logo you mention anywhere, so I can't click
on it. I've emailed the gardenersworldforum help team, but they haven't yet
got back to me to tell me where it's disappeared to. To be honest - I don't
ever remember having it since I joined GWF. Sorry to go on.....just wanted you
to know I'm grateful to you for your help and I'll get back to you as soon as poss.
Wild about Flowers
Hi Jim,
Will have to get out into the countryside and see what I can find.
Otherwise I'll use the firm you kindly recommended to me and buy them!
Will let you know!

there should be a reply box under the message WaF.

Haven't you got a tool bar above the box you type in with smilies and spellcheck etc. It's always referred to as a tree. I thoughtit was a green wine glass for a long time, just a bit short in the stalk


There's instructions on another thread re picture posting. Done by Blackest who is approximately 1000 times more computer literate than me. Maybe more

Wild about Flowers
Hi Nutcutlet,
No - I don't have any of the things you mention above,
in fact I don't think I've ever had them thinking back!
I've also tried "Blackest" as you suggest, but when
I click on the link he/she has posted I get a message
saying that there's an error and it won't work. I think
I must have a lot of gremlins running around on my
laptop! In desperation I've contacted
and asked them to try to get my toolbar back for me!

Good idea, I wouldn't know where to look if mine disappeared

I found lots of wild carrots germinating in the bald bits of field today. Very pleasing. The bald bits are down to a mix of yellow rattle and mowing the tops off large ants nests.

I j hope you get the gremlins sorted, It's very frustrating when something only half works

Wild about Flowers
Thanks nutcutlet - I'll let you know if and when I get a response from
GWF help team - nothing so far!
Jim Macd

I'm enjoying the wild carrots in my meadow this morning. They're all nodding approval at the rain. 

Hi Jim,

Yes the rain was very good yesterday - we needed it badly, everything was

going brown!  Have you checked out the wildflower pictures I've posted under

growingflowersforbees?  Took a long time for me to figure out how to do it,

but now I've done it they will be no stopping me!

Wild about Flowers
Hi Nutcutlet,
Going back to your lovely photo of the oenothere rosea above, is this a wild
flower too? It's really beautiful and I'd like to grow it, so please could you
let me know - is it a perennial or an annual?



Hi WaF, I think it coms from south america anf it may be an annual. I's always there, growing in my drive and it over winters OK. I should think there are seeds. Want some?

Hi Nutcutlet - Yes please!   I'd love some!  Thanks for the PM - Just

about to read it!

Wild about Flowers
Hi Everyone!
Just to say, I'm not using this nickname anymore as from now, as I don't have a
toolbar! Instead I am using a new nickname "flowersforbees", so hope
to meet you on there instead!

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