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Hi all,

The water in our school pond seems to be quite dark for some reason. And ideas why this might be?



How long has it been established Justin, it takes a while for ponds to clear. The other cause may be soil falling in to the pond from the edges.

The pond was there previously but I've changed a lot of water and added a lot of plants since winter.


When you say 'dark' do you mean dark and thick, or clear and dark.? 

Our pond water looks really 'dark' but it's as clear as a bell - you can see the bottom - is it like that?

No, I can't see the bottom. The colour is like tea.



If you put the water in a jamjar, can you see  through it?


Do you have frog spawn or toad spawn in the pond Justin? I notice every year that something about the spawn, when the tadpoles hatch and the spawn breaks down, that makes the water go a horrible cloudy mess. After a few weeks it clears all by itself. The poor fish are bumbling around in this "soup" just now but I know that they will soon have a lovely clear pond again, regardless of whether I muck about withthe water or leave it.

As long as the water just smells like a normal pond and isn't stinking, I'd just wait and see.

It doesn't smell but the tadpoles have been hatched fir a good few weeks now.

I think it sounds as if it's behaving normally - wildlife ponds have all sorts of 'stuff' in them -  I think that we get so used to seeing garden ponds with filters etc, that we forget what a 'wild' pond looks like.  

But surely I should be able to see to the bottom?


As the weather warms up the blanket weed and algae begin to grow so that can make the water dark. You may also just have some wildlife stirring up sediment. That's a good thing Justin!

Is it muddy looking or green?


Not necessarily - I never saw to the bottom of any of the ponds on the farm - I thought they were really really deep (and Ma encouraged that thinking) but really they were probably just a couple of feet at the most.  They were a dark greeny brown.  Think of any village pond you've seen.  

We can see the bottom of ours at the moment, but the time will come when the water 'thickens up'.    Somewhere Nutcutlet posted some pics of her ponds - really healthy and full of wildlife but you can't see the bottom. 

Thanks, there is lots of wildlife in there.

I checked the water colour in a cup, looks clear!

It's fine then - lots of little wriggly things looking at home in there? 


Newts, frog tadpoles, diving beetles, back swimmers, pond skaters, water boatman, lesser diving beetle larvae, billions of daphnia...

Brilliant Justin. Enjoy it all  

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