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Does anyone have any bright ideas about how I can make sure that those huge fat pigeons can't get at the fried bread and seed I put out for blackbirds and other small birds which don't use hanging feeders?


You can't there is a pecking order-I find the pigeons have their go-the smaller birds wait till they have gone- and nip in then

Lavender Lady

I have the same problem, I put mealworms and suet pellets out for the birds but the pigeons and starlings eat them all before the others can get a look in.  If they try to get in they just get chased away.  I can see them sitting in the trees watching and waiting.

Kathy 2

I have bird trays hanging in the trees at the front and back of my house. The pigeons can't get into them no matter how much they try! On the other hand, the blackbirds have no trouble getting onto them - although the young blackbirds take some time to work it out. At the moment, the robin is trying to see everything off to protect "his" food.   I always do the bird watch, but the last couple of years not seen much at all on birdwatch weekend.  


We had the same problem - woodpigeons and magpies. We bought a seed tray which had an adjustable canopy over it. You can set it to the height for the size of bird which you wish to feed. Magpie did try knocking it off the pole to get at the food, but I think it just ended up with a headache.

In our garden the pigeons and starlings feed the blackbirds! I fill up the tray on the feeding station, and hang fatballs. The pigeons, doves and starlings make a right mess - and the blackbirds clear it up!

I tend to put out dried fruit for the blackbirds, to make sure they get something.  The wood pigeons also like it but the other pigeons leave it alone.  Try to spare a thought for the pigeons, though - they can't help what they are and they're hungry too.  

Thank you all so much for your responses.  I know the pigeons need to eat too, Heliotrope, but they do seem to hoover up anything and everything.  Perhaps the most helpful suggestion comes from Flower Lady - I wonder where you got your food tray?  And I had to laugh at Nutcutlet's idea; I must admit that those fat breasts look mouthwatering!

Steve Worthing

 I feed mine with apples on skewers (as that stops the seaguls/foxes walking off witht them) the pidgeons and starlings aren't interested in them. At the mo i must be feeding about 6 Blackbirds.  I do put out some raisons and currents as well to boast them up a bit .

Jean Genie

Steve , what a brilliant idea ! I'm going to try that. Lovely photos.

Just been looking at your pics on the wildlife thread. Very jealous of your goldfinches, we only get a fleeting glimpe of them now and again. We did have a pair of nuthatches that used to visit but we've not seen them for a while either ,  We do have a gang of longtails though .

Pennine Petal
I put some apples out today and a pair of blackbirds are amazing the most of them. I also put out suet, dried fruit and porridge oats, which they also seem to like. It was funny to see the magpie trying to get something out of the peanut nut and it kept moving away for it. I guess the magpies have to eat too though. I like the idea of putting the apples in a skewer Steve.
Lavender Lady

Great photos Steve, what a good idea I will try that.  I too put out dried fruit and oats, they just love them.  I  have a tame blackbird, he watches as I go out into the garden and he flies down and sits on my bird table whilst I am putting the food onto it so that he can get first pickings I suppose, before the deluge of starlings and pigeons. 

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