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Garden centres often have hedgehog food along with the wild bird food.  

Magpies come after the food we put out so we put it underneath shallow-ish wooden boxes with one end cut out (the sort of boxes you can get from the greengrocer).

Thanks Dovefromabove - a good excuse for visiting the GC again!


I might have said earlier - we feed ours on a mixture of the bought stuff along with bird peanuts chopped in the food processor, sunflower hearts, dried mealworms and some chopped banana chips (not too many of those - they don't brush their teeth!).  This year our hedgehogs seem to prefer the added stuff and leave most of the bought biccies, whereas last year they chomped their way through lots of the bought hedgehog food.  They always have a drink from the shallow bowl of fresh water that we leave out for them 


I didn't realise you could buy actual hedgehog food - I'll try tomorrow but I've never seen it here either in supermarkets or garden centres. I didn't know what they ate so I've only ever left water - haven't seen my wee family since before the holidays.



You can get peanut 'nibs' which are like pre chopped nuts so I expect they would be ideal too. I used to get them for the birds when I mixed my own feed for them. Some of the GC's here stock Chapelwood feed. I've not seen the hedgehog that visited at all since that first night 6 weeks ago but I'm getting a nice little area in the back corner of the garden for wildlife so I'm hoping he might return in the autumn when food's more scarce. 

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