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I thougt we had a hornet on the ivy, but I think it is the biggest hoverfly I've seen. It is twice the size of normal hoverflies.


Sorry about the butterfly in the middle. The hoverfly has a yellow stripe on the head. Anyone any idea what it is.?


Have a look at Volucella zonaria, they're pretty huge


OK,I think it is the Hornet mimic hoverfly... duh..

Volucella zonaria


I haven't seen any of those this year, lots last year



Hi,Nut.  I think you are right.  Just the one, twice the size of all the other hoverflies on the ivy.  Another newcomer to the garden. 



The disguise did the trick. We were very careful around it until we realised it was a hoverfly.

I know people decry tree ivy, but the hawthorn hedge on the front looks like a hedge of ivy flowers at the moment, with a few twigs of hawthorn sticking through. It was smothered in insects all feeding in the sunshine today.


I love it, we have lots of it full of all sorts of insects


Ivy looks great. It's such a valuable resource for insects flying later in the year. When you get out in the morning, look for some of the newest flowers, beautiful green stars. The nectar droplets will be oozing from some. Taste it, sweet as anything.



We get those in our garden, although rarely.  Saw one two days ago, but they are so quick I can never get a photo. Lovely to know what they are, previously I thought they might be hornets, so I was always quite wary of them. 

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