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Hi we found this bug on my delphinium leaves, sitting in the rain. Can any one identify it please.


Thanks Edd I wish I'd known I would have zapped him. If I see him again I'll get him. 


Nooooo. Don't zap. It's all part of life's rich tapestry. 

As humans we've destroyed far too much already

I don't like killing things but the bees are under fire already, do they need more predators?


Nature needs us to stop killing it. We're the ones that upset the balance, not the parasitic wasp. They're part of the balance. We were part of the balance in ancient times but not now


But does the balance still exist. Can we now stand back and let nature care for it's own after destroying so much of it. Don't we have a responsibility to protect species we have made vulnerable.


It's an argument put forward by some. But I don't think more killing is a solution. We don't know enough about how it all works to make decisions about what lives and what dies. That's what's got us where we are now

I agree with you, I hate killing anything but I do often wonder if it's far too late to repair the damage we have caused..I apologise for my ponderous mood casting shadows on the proceedings just feeling sorry for the bees.


Don't apologise Susie. You're thinking about it. More people should do that.



Also agree with the staying out of it. Suppose wasp fly boy also predates on bug x. And bug X also hurts bees but worse. Then getting rid of wasp fly boy means more bug x and worse bees.


nutcutlet wrote (see)

Don't apologise Susie. You're thinking about it. More people should do that.


Like that comment, Nut.  

I take your point Edd and Supernoodle. Mother nature is so much better at this than we are. I thought about this long into the night, thanks for all the alternative perspectives. I hope the bug will forgive my potentially murderous intentions.

Edd wrote (see)

What if Noah has squished those two mosquitoes or bees? 



Or forgot to get on board himself

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