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There are wallabies living on one of the islands in Loch Lomond. They were introduced last century by  the owner. It's a bit controversial as they are reckoned to be a threat to the capercaillie population.

There's a herd of deer who live beside the very busy M77 south of Glasgow,next to a large shopping complex. There's a lot of woodland round the area so they're quite happy! 

Jim Macd

As nice as it is to see exotic flora and fauna they can do a lot of damage and I fear it will only get worse. I'm afraid we gardeners have a lot to answer for sometimes. I'm just gald we don't have any grey squirrels where I live. They are about in town and I've seen one in the woods but they haven't ventured into our gardens yet. I'm told there's reds not too far away but I've not seen any. Never seen a Wallabie though, seen quite a few Wannabes.


They do some damage Jim. So far not many muntjacs so not much damage. Fencing my garden is not an option - to big, too rough round the edges, so I'll just have to put up with it.



The reds are beautiful. Hope you get a chance to see one 

I can send you some Blackthorn whips  to keep 'em out nut 


Thanks Fairy, I have blackthorn, i should have made more effort with the boundaries years ago. 


 Roe deer rutting season in action. It is quite funny to see as the doe runs round in tight circles with the buck in hot pursuit.

When we lived in Bucks we had muntjacs everywhere. They were very noisy. They jumped into our garden and their saliva killed off our roses!


When  I was a lot younger, I had a Morris Minor. I used to travel from North Notts, through Annesley to Nottingham to see my boyfriend. My mum used to make me take the dog (alsation x collie) with me in case I broke down late at night.  One foggy October night I was doing  the cars maximum of 50mph on the dual carriageway, when a huge Stag stood in the  middle of the carriageway like the Monarch of the Glen. I stood on the brakes(never very good in a morris minor). The front passenger seat folded up and went under the dash. The dog on the back seat followed it.  The stag scampered off. The dog didn't like travelling with me after that. Despite living in what remains of Sherwood Forest, that was the one and only time I saw a deer in the area.  I think Robin Hood would struggle to find one these days.


Driving home from son's yesterday evening, two muntjac grazing in the middle of a stubble field a couple of hundred yards from the A12.

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