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Was it too much kirsch, do you think?


if you'd done the right thing with the kirsh everything would have been fine 

I could try rubbing some on and standing outside for a bit.



Would you believe it? I went out there with my bottle of kirsch and there wasn't a moth to be seen. An hour ago the place was full of them. Wonder where they've all gone?

Might as well have the kirsch myself. Cheers.


that's the way to go wb


Can anyone tell me what this will be. I found it on the apple tree today I could not tell which was the front and back end. Even now I've put the pic's on my comp for a better look, I still can not tell.



Beautiful aren't they? Sci fi has nothing on Mother Nature

Heather Michaels

Thanks to nutcutlet and waterbutts for the absolutely out and out belly laugh. You guys are just crazy, in the nicest possible way of course!

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