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And some of the inhabitants...


Victoria Sponge wrote (see)

Love those primulas Clarington 


Thank you Victoria. I spotted them on Monday when I went to get some more surface covering plants and came away with much more than just the Stratiotes aloides (water soldier) I had intended as they were just too pretty to leave there!

Seeing all these braw photies makes me want to re-jig my pond to make it even better for wildlife lol....saying that I encountered another 2 emerging large red damselflies today....well chuffed.
Victoria Sponge

Hi Wilbur, 

How deep does a pond have to be for that kind of insect?

Do they overwinter as larvae?



Not sure but mine is roughly 3-4 ft in the middle, another level at about 1-2 feet then shelves round edges are about 10 inches. Trying to cater for lots of wildlife but I think warm shallows are best for damselfly nymphs with lots of vegetation. They live in the pond for about 2-3 years and emerge when warm enough. Fascinating stuff....good luck.
Little weeeed

I'll post a pic of my pond once OT and BIL finish building my greenhouse (they keep getting bits the wrong way round) - meantime I have a raised 1m sq pond was green and murky ubtil 2 days ago when it suddenly became crystal clear?? Do I have a pond cleanig genie working secretly or is there another explanation?

I also have loads of tadpoles - they seem to be feeding on the green algae on the pond liner but I gave them some minced lettuce as previoussly advised.  What do I have to do next to ensure they survive into frogs?


Sooo  excited cos the pond was only built last autumn.  Not many plants yet but they are growing really slowly - any advice?

Tadpoles will eat algae as will snails also the plants will start growing using up the nutrients that the algae needs to grow...algae always grows first in the spring until the oxygenating plants have a chance to get going. Make sure the froglets can easily leave your pond and find a dark damp spot eg lots of logs boulders or flower beds for them to find food and shelter. Your plants will come good eventually.
Little weeeed

Thanks Wilbur - was afraid I'd done something wrong.  Now a bit more relaxed!  Will now go and supervise the building effort , giving the boys the benefit of my advice.


Lovely healthy looking frogs Clarington but your duck looks ill and needs the duck doctor.


The duck does look a little drunk doesn't it Forester. Trouble is I've two ducks in the pond and they both swim around like that! I think I need to fix little weights to their rumps to balance them out!


Oh yes, I've just seen your other one by the mint Clarington.  Any tadpoles yet?  I have frogs in my pond but no babies

Sorry I'm a bit late to the thread, but I was just wondering how I link photos to my reply? Thx

JodeJay, click on the icon of the tree that is second in from the right on the toolbar above where you're typing. That will open up a box and will guide you to choose a picture from your computer or an eternal link. Press "select" and it will open up to whichever source you've chosen. Choose your image and then click "upload" and it will be added to your post.

Hope that makes sense and is of some help!




 This is our pond




That's beautifully done LLouise 

I bet you spend loads of time sitting there watching the world go by - or I hope you do! It's the best way of whiling away a pleasant hour or two isn't it? Great structural planting and contrasts.

Thanks Lyndsey4 for that help. I usually type on my phone so think that's why I'm having trouble.


 Taken at 5.00 am today.

That's not a pond...that's a lake! Lol! It looks so tranquil - gorgeous.