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The Doctor

What benifit do wild rabbits bring to the garden besides digging holes and eating all the flowers off of my dwarf sweet peas?

Miss Becks

None. Shoot them and put them in a pie!

LOL. I don't know really. I'm sure someone will though.

The Doctor

The only thing going for them, in my eyes is that they are a good source of protein 


There is something funny about rabbit meat, and if you lived entirely on it you would starve.  Is this true?

Alternatively get a suitable dog, that'll learn 'em!

The Doctor

Yes this is true, they are pure protein. If you ate nothing but rabbit you would die of malnutrition.  (I don't get why this smiley is called disappointed, he looks more confused)



I'm making rabbit rillettes for a picnic at the weekend 

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