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Hi all, Does anyone have experience of using a rotavator to remove weeds and roots? I'm considering it as I'm having the damnedest time trying to get rid of hogwort and cow parley in our school wildlife garden.

Usually rotovators can just break up the roots and make the whole thing worse. I would cut down the unwanted growth and then get some old carpet and cover the part of the area you want to clear. You say wildlife garden - the wildlife will love the cow parsley and the hogwort.


Any  good wild flower mix of seeds you get will surely have those in it - wonderful for pollinating insects.  Pull a few out maybe, but leave some - they're gorgeous. 


hogweed is a thug. Its leaves are so huge they swamp everything.

So huge they absorb a whole lot of glyphosate. If you did it on a Friday after school there's be no worries about poisoning kids. It would be thoroughly dry by next school day


And yet people pay good money for Angelica gigas 

It all depends on how much space you have. 




It's interesting what we like and don't. 
I like cow parsley, beautiful plant. but there's something about hogweed that's ugly to my eye.


I think it can look absolutely fantastic 


I can let you have some Dove

Will a couple of hundred be enough? 


You're very kind, but as I said, 'It all depends on how much space you have' 

We don't have enough 

Would the glyphosphate be detrimental to the wildlife?

Glyphosate becomes inactive once it hits the ground.  Just so long as you have 6 dry hours after you spray the glyphosate will do the job.

But do put the rotavator away or you will make the weed problem so much worse.

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