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A friend had a major problem with domestic slugs when they got into the electrical socket boxes and blew the fuses.

Lavender Lady

Slugs and snails carry a disease which can cause lung worm in cats and dogs. It is transmitted when the slugs and snails go on pets food and water.  Need to be careful if they are getting into your pets food. 


Oh good; another excuse to destroy them!

we had our kitchen done up last winter and the damp dealt with and all the drains etc sorted but now have an absolute plague of sugs every night, getting in the dog food and dog biscuits - very worrying with the lung worm risk.  I realy dont know where they are getting in but I catch them 'running' for under the cupboards when i come down in the morning.  I was going to try sug pellets when we go on holiday next week but I think from ready all the comments I will try salt.

Put a line of salt where you think they come in. Salt will kill them. Or put a shallow dish filled with beer for them on the floor at night... they crawl in and drown (works in the garden too)


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