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Hello, I have a small hawthorn tree growing in my wildlife friendly garden and would like to know whether it is beneficial for me to keep it.  It is about 6 ft at the moment and I have not seen flowers or berries on it yet. Thank you.


One of the most beneficial native trees.  When it is mature it will have blossom and berries for the birds.  If appropriate you can grow clemetis up it if you wish.


Indeed - Hawthorn benefits about 150 species if I remember correctly.


Birds love to perch and nest in it as well. Even if you keep it  pruned small it will be good as a perch or nesting site.


flowering rose

it is benifical for wild life ,I have one in the garden and allsorts of birds use it and insects alike.The berries they love in winter and provide that much needed meal.I have also growen hawthorn from seed.


something keeps gathering hawthorn seed up for me and I find it growing in little clumps. Voles or squirrels?. I could line out a new hedge with the babies.


i find little caches as well fb. I've got voles and mice but the squirrel only visits when the hazel nuts are ready

hi, I have 2 small seedling hawthorns growing in the garden, how quick do they grow, and any special requirements, i think they must have been left by either squirrles or birds, thanks in anticipation.

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