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March 14th

2 Blue Tits in my Bristol garden

I joined RSPB and my free gift was a nesting box which I nailed to the fence made a coffee and sat down and watched them investigate the box within 5 minutes

They did not stay as they already had a box in my neighbours garden

Think they were thinking of "Trading Up "

anyone mentioned wild violets yet?    Saw the first of them here in the wood yesterday, and the buds on the horse-chestnut trees just starting to open.

That sounds a good idea Fidgetbones, but if there is a slope on the bottle neck (even though put in horizontally) will the bees be able to climb back out? Will it not bee (sorry about the pun!!) too slippery?  If not it is an idea I may use.


Good idea Jim

Bombylius major. Bee fly



I think I might have heard a Blackcap this morning. However i am tone deaf, as those who follow the music thread will probably agree, so who knows?

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