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Glad it works Dove - it made a huge difference to our pond. You can see right to the fish poo covered bottom. I just hope our plants start growing soon to cover it up a little!

I stacked a lot of pebbles up on side of the pond this weekend so that wildlife can exit / enter the pond and there's a shallow enough area for birds to bathe. Hopefully we'll be able to get the timber ordered come pay day and that's the pond finished.

Eventually cleared out the school pond today, it is in the shape of a foot bizarrely.  the 3 toe areas had v little life in them, and one didn't smell all that great.  they are probably 60cm across and about a metre deep.  Anything you reckon we can do with them to get them to be their own ecosystem.  The area is quite dark as lots of trees around? 

Found a few froglets in the larger pond though, yeah ! 

 I dragged out loads of leaves, and have left them for the weekend for wildlife to crawl back in. 

Should I be clearing out as much of the pond weed on the surface as possible, it was a solid covering at the start, so thought I should leave some on there. 

 Loved seeing this guy.

what to do with it now, that's the question...

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