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Noo snoo today but plenty rain.

Jim Macd
pansyface wrote (see)

Noo snoo today but plenty rain.



even in dry east anglia

Janet  Rodway

You can't call Cow parsley what ever you call it where you live makes no difference as long as you don't mistake it for Fools Parsley. And that you recolonize Hemlock I think this is more important to say Fools Parsley and Hemlock are the poisonous ones  

There's an easy answer, just use the scientific name! These are specific so one name, one plant. You might have to look it up though, if you're not familiar with them. Vernacular names are interesting but give rise to many misunderstandings; there are no right or wrong names as others have said.


flowering rose

I would have to say I know it as cow parsley down in the west.


In Scotland 'kecks' usually mean undies 

Cow parsley here too - the plant that is 

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