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Already missing Beechgrove  but if anyone is interested in wild life, Autumn Watch has been coming live from Leighton Moss for the past three nights, watched the first one on iplayer yesterday. It's not everyone's cup of tea but I enjoyed it as I live in Lancashire. If you want to watch it now you'll need to do it on replay or iplayer.

David Attonbourgh it's not...but it had a good bit about migrating birds. It was filmed live and the impression given it rained alot whilst filming as there were references to Nick Kershaw and 'I won't let the sun go down on me' 

Liked the part about birds to watch out for in the garden distracted from their migration by the recent storm. There was also a bit about recycling and why worms are good for the soil.

The starings display is good too.

Have any posters watched the programmes?


I always watch Autumnwatch and Sprongwatch - I love the programmes and look forward to them every year.  Really interested in the Hen harrier/Marsh harrier feature.  We see Marsh harriers around the Broads and the river/marshland near the north Suffolk coast - and I have seen a male Hen Harrier flying above a reserve near Southwold  


Its a must watch for me too - spring watch as well.  I like the fact that its not too formal - but i learn loads too.  Had no idea how far some of these migraters go - eels too

The Nik Kershaw was because ChrisP saw a dead tree which reminded him of an NK album cover.  Am waiting for them to find the silouhette of something that looks like a Joshua tree so we can have some U2!!!  ( shows my age!)


Dove you are really lucky to have seen a hen harrier in England as they have virtually dissapeared. Marsh harriers are beautiful arent they. They are a great conservation story as they too had almost dissapeared 25 years ago.


I try every time but I can't  get over the ineptitude of some of the presenters out in the field and find Chris P just a bit arrogant though a lot better than bumbling Oddie..   Pity as some of the stuff is new and interesting.    Gave up and changed channels half way through last night.  Won't be trying again till next spring.


obelixx - on iplayer you can fast forward the bits you don't want to watch. Will catch up with the other three programmes over the weekend, it looks like it'll be raining most of it .

I love watching Autumn watch, Chris Packham is so amusingly geeky, but he knows his stuff. I've been watching out for Waxwings, but haven't seen any this year , although last year I was lucky enough to spot a flock of them eating all the berries in a rowan tree locally. I live in Chester. Any sightings in other parts of the country?


Yes I watched Autumn Watch tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it -

especially the starlings and the red squirrels.  I live in Dorset, but a couple

of years ago my OH took me to see the starlings over the Somerset Levels

and it will stay with me for the rest of my life.  According to the experts, there

are two million starlings "doing their thing" at sunset every night in the winter

over the Levels and it was a wonderful sight to see, especially as there was

the most beautfiul sunset. Like you, Zoomer, I think Autumn Watch is a 

great programme - now we'll have to look forward to Spring Watch!!    

hollie hock

I've managed to catch some of the Autumn Watch this week and loved it.

Enjoyed watching the murmarations of the starlings and thought the bit about the moths migrating was fascinating. I really like Chris Packham as a presenter, he does make me smile.

Never been a huge fan of the unsprung bit of the series, but really didn't like Nick Baker, his voice made me turn the sound off, hope he doesn't become a permanent feature.

That must of been wonderful flowers, hope I get to see them one day


Redwings have arrived. About 20 of them eating the berries on the yew trees. Sometimes get fieldfares in the orchard eating the windfall apples.


We've only had fieldfares once in 16yrs, that was winter of 2010. Not a berry left after 20mins. At first I thought they were big thrushes.

Like Obelixx, I get fed up with the silliness.  And I tried IPlayer but as I have to use the laptop it looses a lot on the small monitor.  I found the bit about the worms interesting, and I watch it to see the bits about creatures that aren't usually mentioned.  I'm please it was on for only 4 nights, that was enough of watching the presenters silly antics.  Mags


Can,t agree Staffsmags,I was sorry it was only on for four nights. Some of the presenting was a bit silly,but this was easily cancelled out by the  photography and the general content,

Lovely to have something that is not a soap or a fly on the wall type documentary,,,,,more please.

Oh, GillyL, I don't want soaps. The presenters on Autumn watch are better than that.   We all have our taste  - I know and I'm pleased that many viewers love it.  I know it is ME that is out of step with the majority.  Mags.


Not as out of step as me staffsmags. I can't remember when I last watched TV



There are some wonderful programmes on tv - I've learnt so much about wildlife and gardening from watching - but there is also a lot of dross - but the same can be said of most things - it's important to learn to discriminate (in the real sense of the word).


Let me know when there's something good on Dove and I'll watch it. I know I miss things but it's so far out of my thoughts I don't see what's there. (We do have a TV) I occasionally have a belated watch on iplayer when someone tells me about a good programme

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