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 Waxwings which descended on us Dec 2004, the first picture shows about a quarter of the flock, the local paper had reports of up to 400 in some areas of the town.




How do you all get your photos onto the forum with a ipad mini there doesn't seem to be a way I've taken photos but can not put them on here

You cant Tracy. I have android and that's the same, have to come on to main computer to put the photo's on.

Hedge Hog

forget me nots and ranunculas in our spring garden


Pottie Pam

The first adder I've seen this year. We are lucky to have adders and grass snakes living opposite our house on an area of gorse and heather. there are glow worms there also in the summer.


..another thread I've only just caught up with - people are very lucky to have all these lovely creatures visiting their gardens... well, apart from the slugs perhaps...

due to forum issues it's been quite a task viewing them all...


Amazing pictures everyone. I have really enjoyed scrolling through every one of them 

. Here is my contribution.


 I love taking photo's of wildlife
 a tame robin we used to have visit every single day. He would feed from my hand. We dont see him anymore and we miss him 


 This Robin visits my garden. I noticed it was a peculiar colour. I have been informed it has a plumage abnormality, and is leucistic.

 above....a dunnock


 above is a young greenfinch having a drink 

 Female Blackbird

 and a Redpoll.

Sorry for posting so many pics, I really couldn't resist 


"Of course I can carry one more worm!"



OH rescuing loved up toads from wire netting at our pond outlet.



super pictures.. love them keep them coming.. love the redpoll.. dont get them in my garden at all..

love the wildlife we get this country..


My blue tits fledged on Saturdy 1st June and this one was the last to leave the box. Seven fledged altogether and we have thoroughly enjoyed watching them on our nest box camera over the last few weeks.






Nice to see this thread back in action. I'd forgotten it. Nice pic daintiness.

I have a Green Carpet moth to offer. One from last weekend's trap.



How do you set up a mothtrap.? I would like to see what we get  at night.  No bats so far this year.


steve i love your squirrel proof feeder

what a pretty moth nut

fidgetbones wrote (see)

How do you set up a mothtrap.? I would like to see what we get  at night.  No bats so far this year.

sorry fb I missed this yesterday. we have a rather crude Skinner type trap, see link.

we leave it on all night and see what we've got in the mornings. the moths are atracted to the light and crash around like they do, fall through a narrow gap between two sheets of perspex, can't get out and hide amonst the egg boxes in the bottom til we come and look. we have a friend who's had a lot of experience and we sit there with the moth book and camera identifying the moths. Coffee and crissants are essential to the event. 

bats are very low here this year, maybe the weather of the last year has been too much for them. our bedroom window is still covered with droppings and pee though.

Steve Worthing
Aliesh wrote (see)

steve i love your squirrel proof feeder

what a pretty moth nut

Its an anti Pidgeon device

luckly i don't have any Squirrels in my garden. The best feeder i have bought is this anti Starling one, not cheap but does the job




Spotted this little fella today loving the tiny flowers on my Basil