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flowering rose

I have a small wild life pond  that I have a water butt running clean rain water off the roof to a lower water butt  that then by a hose pipe at the few inches from the top of the butt. We let the water fill the top butt and the overflow water goes down the pipe to the bottom butt and overflows into the pond keeping it clear (after years of fighting dirty pond syndrome)I still use the water from the butts to water the garden but any heavy rain re-fills and excess runs in to the pond . I have frogs ,newts, water boat men and other insects and no longer have to use chemicals.


FR, does the pond overflow in heavy rain or do you close the taps off on the water butts?

Talking of tiny ponds - this is mine, about 6ft by 3ft and 3ft deep in the centre.


 It has a shelf all around each long side for plants, and I have 2 deep water plants right in the centre. The pebbles are for animals to get in and out safely.

The other day I had a water boat man and a pond skater swimming around enjoying the sun. There is at least one newt in there and last year I spotted a toad. It's a great magnet for butterflies and other insects and I just love sitting beside it and watching whats going on!

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