Quick Tips Do bee hotels actually work

Do bee hotels actually work?

Thinking of investing in a bee hotel? Then watch our Quick Tips video guide first.

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Is it worth splashing out on a bee hotel or bug mansion – and what about homemade versions? Wildlife expert Richard ‘Bugman’ Jones gives his expert view in our Quick Tips video guide.


I have to admit that I’m rather dubious about some of the bee hotels and bug mansions available. However, the basic design of cut bamboo stems in a piece of drain pipe, or holes drilled deep into a block of wood will get used, especially by solitary bees. You can get commercial versions, but they’re also very easy to make yourself. The holes need to be about 3 to 10 millimetres in diameter, and at least 10 centimetres deep. The ‘hotel’ then needs to be placed, with the burrows running horizontally, in a sheltered spot, but in full direct sunshine, so up against a fence is good. Then just wait and watch.