How to make an honesty tealight holder

How to make an honesty tealight holder

Use translucent honesty seedheads to make this pretty tealight holder.

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Honesty, Lunaria annua, has some of the most recognisable seed pods, which are oval-shaped and consist of a translucent membrane.

These seed pods usually appear in late summer, a few months after the flowers have faded, and can be used in a number of crafty ways.

Of course, they’re far from the only plant to have attractive seedheads and pods that you can use in floral displays and other projects – check out some of our favourite plants for seedheads to get some inspiration.

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Follow our guide to making an honesty tealight holder, below.


You Will Need

  • Clean jar
  • Glue
  • Honesty seed pods (40-50)
  • Tea light or small candle

Total time:

Step 1

Make sure the seedpods are dry before beginning, as they won’t adhere properly if wet or damp. Apply a little glue to the base of each pod. Attach to a jar, starting at the top. Overlap as you go. Never leave lit candles unattended.

Gluing on the honesty seed pods
Gluing on the honesty seed pods

Saving seeds

While you’re collecting the seed pods, keep an eye out for other seedheads that you could save and sow for flowers from next year onwards. Follow the advice in our guide to saving different types of seed.

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