Garden egg chairs are this year’s garden craze. These updates on a good old fashioned rocking chair twist lightly in the breeze to gently rock you while you relax. They’re designed to envelop your whole body, creating a snug, comfy cocoon. These chairs usually only seat one and they’re great for switching off from work and enjoying a book or a podcast in your garden.


The great thing about egg chairs is that there are several different kinds. Most come with stands, but there are also free-hanging egg chairs, which can be attached to ceilings, gazebos, or even a strong bough on a tree. They can be perfectly round or teardrop-shaped, have a high back like an armchair, entirely wrap around you, or be open-faced. They can also incorporate a wide range of materials, from rope to polywicker to simple soft polyester.

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Seven of the best garden egg chairs


Lyra Egg Chair

Lyra Egg Chair - BBC Gardeners' World

The natural wicker of this design helps it blend into more rustic, cottage style gardens, but its strong black metal frame means it also wouldn't look out of place on more contemporary patios. We especially like its wide headrest.

Price: £495

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Rey Hanging Chair with Stand Fernleaf

Rey Hanging Chair with Stand Fernleaf - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine

This cosy wicker chair would work well in quiet areas, such as under a pergola. Great for curling up in we love the plump cushion and headrest.

Price: £999.99

Buy the Rey Hanging Chair with Stand Fernleaf from Wayfair


Charles Bentley Triangular Rattan Swing Chair

Charles Bentley Triangular Rattan Swing Chair -BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Charles Bentley Triangular Rattan Swing Chair

This egg chair is barely an egg at all - it's an interesting pyramid shape. It has a deep, plump cushion, and we especially like the inclusion of a safety belt. This limits the range of motion of the chair, which is helpful if you have kids.

Price: £299.99

Buy the Charles Bentley Triangular Rattan Swing Chair from Robert Dyas


Lombre Egg Chair

Lombre Egg Chair - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Lombre Egg Chair

This striking polyrattan and steel chair would be a great addition to experimental, contemporary gardens. We’re impressed with the wide seat, which is cosy and comfortable but not claustrophobic. Chairs and a small table are also available in the range.

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Price: £279

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Dobbies Alps Double Egg Cocoon Chair

Dobbies Alps Double Egg Cocoon Chair  - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Dobbies Alps Double Egg Cocoon Chair

A drawback with egg chairs is that they usually only seat one. This egg chair from Dobbies overcomes this - a generous double egg chair ideal for curling up in the evenings.

Price: £699

Buy the Dobbies Alps Double Egg Cocoon Chair from Dobbies


TecTake 800699 Swing Chair

TecTake 800699 Swing Chair - BBC Gardeners' World
TecTake 800699 Swing Chair

A bit of a different style but one we felt we had to include. This unique hanging egg chair puts relaxation first - a swinging sun lounger. Like other egg chairs, it swings gently from a chain, but this supports your entire legs too, so you can lounge. It also has a parasol to protect you from the sun.

Price: £150.99

Buy the TecTake 800699 Swing Chair on Amazon


Monato Indoor Outdoor Egg Chair

Monato Indoor Outdoor Egg Chair - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Monato Indoor Outdoor Egg Chair

A stylish teardrop shaped egg chair, made of long-lasting polywicker. It's particularly robust, rated for weights of up to 120kg and and has plump water-repellent cushions. including one for your head.

Price: £695


Buy the Monato Indoor Outdoor Egg Chair from Notonthehighstreet