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10 of the best shed storage ideas and solutions

Useful and practical solutions for outdoor storage.

Keeping all your gardening tools organised and at hand is not always straightforward, especially if you have limited room or floor space that’s taken up by larger items such as cordless lawnmowers or a hedge trimmer.


Investing in some clever shed storage solutions is an ideal way to maximise your shed space and keep your tools and equipment within reach.

Wall-mounted racks will free up surface space and provide a hanging spot for hand-held tools while adjustable shelving units can be switched  to suit your storage needs as they change through the gardening year.

We have collated a selection of some of the best shed storage ideas to help you organise your space in the most efficient way. Additionally, we also have a selection of the best garden storage for added space outside of the shed.

Some of these ideas would make great gift options and all are ideal to sort and organise everything from seeds and kids’ gardening gloves to full-sized rakes and power tools. In a range of materials and styles, including metal boards, glass hanging jars, steel hooks and FSC certified shelving, there’s something for everyone and every shed.

If you decide to upgrade your existing shed, we’ve put together a clear guide to the best garden sheds, which explains the different features to look out for and includes a list of some suggested models from a range of brands.

And if you’re more interested in growing than storing, we have a separate round up of some of the best greenhouses. There are even some which double up with sheds for additional storage. Wherever you store your tools, be it shed, greenhouse, garage or outhouse take your pick from the list below.

10 of the best shed storage ideas

Browse our useful shed storage solutions, below;


Fleur de Lys Wall Hooks

Fleur de Lys Wall Hooks - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Fleur de Lys Wall Hooks – BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine

These five hooks are made from strong steel forged into a fleur de lys design. The hooks are an ideal shed storage idea for hanging up everything from your best gardening apron to your essential gardening tools at the end of the day and are a heavy duty, yet decorative shed storage solution.

Price: £14.99

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Heavy Duty Racking Shelves

Heavy Duty Racking Shelves - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Heavy Duty Racking Shelves

These shelving racks are ideal if you’re in need of more substantial shed storage solutions. Each unit can support 175kg of weight and is finished with a rust-resistant coating and non-slip feet. The racks require self-assembly but they snap together without screws or bolts. They come with a five year warranty.

Price: £50.74

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Selections Traditional Wooden Apple Storage Rack with Five Drawers

Selections Traditional Wooden Apple Storage Rack with Five Drawers - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Selections Traditional Wooden Apple Storage Rack with Five Drawers

This wooden rack is designed for fruit growers and particularly anyone who has their own apple trees. With five sliding drawers for easy access each is slatted to allow ventilation to the fruit or vegetables and prevent rotting. If you’re interested in turning your own produce into pulp, cider or juice, we’ve also rounded up a selection of the best apple presses as well as the best apple pickers ready for harvest.

Price: £84.99

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Garden Two Shelf Tool Tidy

Garden Two Shelf Tool Tidy - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Garden Two Shelf Tool Tidy

This handy tool tidy is ideal for keeping items such as spades, brooms and rakes safely stored and out of the way. The compact shed storage solution should be screwed onto a solid surface, such as the shed wall, so that it can withstand the weight of heavier items and keep everything neatly in place.

Price: £18.71

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Potting Shed Wall Storage Rack

Potting Shed Wall Storage Rack - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Potting Shed Wall Storage Rack

This metal basket is a stylish and practical shed storage idea which attaches to a wall, saving on precious floor space. The sturdy basket is hand woven from powder coated iron and is ideal for storing smaller tools, such as hand trowels. The country cottage style basket also features a slot to add a hand-written label to help you personalise and organise your storage.

Price: £19

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Moreton Shed Unit

Moreton Shed Unit - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Moreton Shed Unit

This storage unit is crafted from spruce and coated with a weatherproof black stain, so it should be sturdy and long lasting. The three drawers are removable and easy to carry and ideal for storing all the tools and kit you need for potting on plants while the top is galvanised metal so easily wipeable and kept clean. This unit is part of Garden Trading’s wider Moreton range of modular units, if you’re looking at creating a more substantial storage arrangement.

Price: £250

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Adjustable Shelving Unit

Low Adjustable Shelving Unit - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Low Adjustable Shelving Unit

This shelving unit has been designed specifically for gardeners and is adjustable so it can be tailored to suit various plant and tool sizes depending on your needs through the year. Made from sustainable FSC eucalyptus wood these shelves should be sturdy as well as kinder to the planet. Available in two sizes, low (shown above) and tall.

Price: from £149.99

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Fixit Metal Pegboard

Fixit Metal Pegboard - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Fixit Metal Pegboard

A pegboard is an ideal, multi-use shed storage idea which can support a variety of different  tools and it comes with 17 storage accessories included. The wall-mounted shed storage solution also helps keep floor and surface space clear, ideal for every busy gardener. Made from high quality metal, the board should also be a strong and long-lasting option.

Price: £45.99

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Personalised Allotment Gardener’s Accessories Box

Personalised Allotment Gardener's Accessories Box - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Personalised Allotment Gardener’s Accessories Box

This solid pine wood box can be personalised on the lid, making it an ideal gardening gift for green-fingered friends and family. It’s designed for avid allotment fans and is ideal for smaller sheds and well organised workshops. It could also be used to carry smaller bits and bots along with you and is one of the more tidy and aesthetic choices available.

Price: £26.99

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Upcycled Pallet Wood Shelf

Upcycled Pallet Wood Shelf - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine
Upcycled Pallet Wood Shelf

This wooden shelf is handmade from pallet wood and features two smart shelves. The construction wouldn’t look out of place in your home as well as your workshop, making it an ideal gardening gift idea. The shelving is perfect for holding tins and jars of smaller bits and pieces that can otherwise be easily misplaced. Made from recycled materials, this is also a more eco-friendly option for your shed or workspace.

Price: £35

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