Five top tips - growing plants in pots

Five favourites – plants for pots

Horticulturalist and television presenter Frances Tophill shares her five favourite plants to grow in pots.

Frances Tophill shares her five favourite plants for pots

Growing plants in pots opens up a world of opportunity. The right plant, right place rules that usually affect our everyday gardening decisions go out of the window. You can choose your own soil type, aspect, nutrient level and even temperature. Growing in pots gives you flexibility that the ground can’t offer.

Cosmos astrosanguineus

Cosmos atrosanguineus

Chocolate cosmos has amazing flowers that smell of chocolate, but the smell can only be appreciated when you’re up close and personal. Growing it in a container raises the flower height so they are nearer your nose, allowing for easier access to that incredible aroma. Combined with the rich colour of the flowers, it is the perfect plant to grow in a pot.

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