Tips for growing plants in pots

Five top tips – growing plants in pots

Horticulturalist and television presenter Frances Tophill shares her top tips for growing plants in pots

Frances Tophill
Frances Tophill shares her five top tips for growing plants in pots

Plants growing in the ground can find their own water and nutrients. In containers, watering, feeding and making sure the plants have enough root space is down to us, which requires some extra care. But with so many pot styles to choose from, in all different shapes and sizes, there is little limitation on what you are able to grow, making the effort well worth it.

Water well

Watering plants in pots
Watering plants in pots

Water is key. Pots have limited resources of water and, particularly in the summer, will dry out fast. Regular watering of containers when it’s hot and dry is crucial. Overwatering can also kill so never leave plants sitting in drip trays full of water for long periods.

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