All dahlias are flamboyant and gorgeous but there's something extra special about pompon and ball dahlias, with their exquisite globe-shaped flowers. They are often seen at flower shows and gardening competitions and make beautiful cut flowers.


Pompon dahlias, as their name suggests, have pompon-like flowers – the petals curve inwards to create stunning, intricate blooms up to 5cm across. Ball dahlias have a slightly flattened top, with blunt or rounded petals arranged in a spiral pattern. Miniature ball dahlias make good container displays – try our dahlia and cosmos display.

For best results, grow dahlias in a sunny spot in fertile, well-drained soil. Deadhead regularly and feed with a potash-rich fertiliser to prolong flowering. Lift the tubers after the first frosts and store them in a cool, dry situation until March. Then pot them up and keep them in a temperate greenhouse before planting out in late May.

Here are some beautiful pompom and ball dahlias to grow.

'Aurora's Kiss'

Dahlia 'Aurora's Kiss' is a miniature ball dahlia, bearing small, dark red, ball-shaped blooms on tall stems from midsummer to autumn.

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Dahlia 'Aurora's Kiss'
Dark red Dahlia 'Aurora's Kiss'

'Charlotte Bateson'

Dahlia 'Charlotte Bateson' is a miniature ball dahlia, bearing small, deep pink ball-shaped blooms on tall stems from midsummer to autumn.

Dahlia 'Charlotte Bateson'
Deep red-pink Dahlia 'Charlotte Bateson'


Dahlia 'Cornel' is a ball dahlia, bearing medium-sized, spherical purple-red flowers on strong stems, throughout summer.

Dahlia 'Cornel'
Purple-red blooms of Dahlia 'Cornel'

'Franz Kafka'

Dahlia 'Franz Kafka' bears pretty, miniature bright pink pompon flowers from midsummer to late-autumn. It's perfect for growing in a mixed herbaceous border, and makes an excellent cut flower.

Dahlia 'Franz Kafka'
Pink pompons of Dahlia 'Franz Kafka'


Dahlia 'Jomanda' is a ball dahlia that bears flowers in a lovely autumnal burnt orange colour, on long, straight stems.

Dahlia 'Jomanda'
Orange blooms of Dahlia 'Jomanda'

'Moor Place'

Perfect for exhibiting, Dahlia 'Moor Place' is a fantastic pompon dahlia, with deep maroon-purple blooms.


Dahlias need support as they grow – find out how to tie in dahlias as they grow.

Dahlia 'Moor Place'
Maroon pompon flowers of Dahlia 'Moor Place'