Frequently asked questions

What are Web Push Notifications?

A web push notification is a small pop-up alert that is sent to your browser. A notification from will notify you of new content releases, offers etc added to our website.

By clicking on a web notification, you will be taken to the promoted content we think you'll enjoy on Alternatively, you can simply dismiss the message.

Why am I receiving web notifications?

If you are receiving web push notifications from, this means that you have actively opted in to alerts during a visit to our website.

How do I manage/switch off Web Push notifications?

The settings for web notifications vary slightly by browser, but they are all easy to amend. Select your browser from the list below to manage your notification settings:

Google Chrome



Microsoft Edge

What is the Secret Garden?

The Secret Garden is an exclusive area of for subscribers to BBC Gardeners' World Magazine. It features a wealth of online extras, for Subscriber Club members only.

What will I find in the Secret Garden?

The Secret Garden contains brand new projects, features, videos and special offers. New content is added every week, so be sure to visit regularly to get the most from your subscription.

How do I access the Secret Garden?

Print subscribers

To access Secret Garden you'll need to register as a user of and enter your BBC Gardeners' World Magazine subscriber code. If we already have your email address then please check your inbox for an email containing a Secret Garden activation link (this link automatically includes your subscriber code, so you don't have to enter it).

If you haven't received an activation email you can find your subscriber number on the address sheet that comes with your special subscriber editions of the magazine. Your subscriber number begins with a 4, and is followed by nine digits.

Activate your Secret Garden access

Alternatively, you can email for assistance.

You can see an example of an address sheet, with the subscriber code outlined opposite. 

Digital subscribers

There are three places to take out a digital subscription to BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine:

  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play

App Store and Google Play

Simply download the free app, then make your in-app subscription purchase.

After subscribing, please choose ‘Secret Garden’ from the ‘hamburger’ menu. Your subscriber number will then be displayed (this might take a few moments to appear).

When the number appears, click ‘Go to the Secret Garden’. This will then open the Secret Garden activation page - your subscriber number should automatically appear in the activation field. Your subscriber number will start with ‘IFS’.

(If this doesn’t happen, simply go back to the ‘Secret Garden’ link within the app, note down your number and input it manually on the Secret Garden page on

if you do not see a subscriber number and believe you have an active subscription, you may need to restore your purchases from the ‘hamburger’ menu in the app.
If you take out a digital subscription via, you will receive an email containing your subscriber number. The number will begin with a ‘4’, followed by nine digits. Please use this number to activate your secret garden access at


Does my login work on

No, your account is separate to your website account on

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