With fresh growth and new flowers, there are lots of plants that can be used to create beautiful spring containers.


Some of the best plants for spring pots and containers are spring bulbs like daffodils, hyacinths and tulips. Try combining them with small evergreens and bedding plants to boost the structure, colour and interest.

For full instructions on planting up the containers shown, just click on the link provided within each section.

Need more inspiration? Feast your eyes on some of our favourite spring flowers and plant combinations for spring colour.

Discover 10 of the best spring container ideas, below.


Daffodils and violas

This daffodil display is incredibly easy to create. Just plant the bulbs in autumn, then finish off with smaller bedding plants in spring. Here are full instructions on creating this daffodil spring pot display.


Hyacinth and heuchera pot

This spring display is bursting with colour and fragrance from the hyacinths and early dianthus. Find out how to plant up this heuchera and hyacinth container.

Spring flowers - Hyacinths growing in a pot with heuchera

Acer and bleeding heart container

For a more permanent container display, try planting up a large Belfast sink, or other large container. We used a Japanese maple, bleeding heart, ivy and tiarellas. Follow our steps to plant this acer and bleeding heart container.


Bergenia and saxifrage

Both the bergenia and saxifrage used in this display are tough perennials that can be planted out in the garden once past their best. Discover how to pot up this bergenia and saxifrage display.


Primulas, sage and peony

This purple-themed pot contains plants with purple foliage and flowers, including purple sage and drumstick primulas. Check out how to plant up this primula and anemone pot.


Spring pot for shade

This container is planted with snake's head fritillaries and Japanese tassel ferns – perfect for a damp, shady corner. Here's how to plant up this fern and fritillary pot.


Stipa and muscari window box

For windowsills, window boxes are ideal. Bees will love the nectar-rich grape hyacinths planted in this stipa and muscari window box.


Snowdrop pots

This silvery pot display is at its best as soon as the snowdrops emerge in February, and will into March. Plant up this snowdrop container, or have a go at smaller snowdrop pots.


Heather, daffodils and daisies

Plant up this container for a cheery display of daffodils, heather, primulas and daisies. All the plants can go in the ground once the display is past its best.


Tulip container display

The huge variety of tulips to choose from means there are lots of different colour combinations to try out. Check out these easy steps on planting tulip bulbs in a pot.

Don't forget foliage plants

Try to avoid relying solely on flowers to provide interest in your containers. Airy grasses and lush foliage plants can be just as beautiful in their own right. 
Red acer leaf