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Envii Root Well

Discover the secret to powering plant growth

With its unique formula, Root Well can help strengthen your plants’ roots to protect them against diseases

Nothing can throw a spanner in the works of your garden’s springtime revival like dreaded plant diseases. At best you’ll suffer from limited growth as you have to trim off affected areas, at worst you might have to remove entire plants. That’s why it’s so important for your plants’ root systems to be as strong as possible, which is where Root Well can help.

Root Well contains a mix of mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria, which you can add to your soil to encourage healthy root growth. Many gardeners might not know about the importance of these vital microorganisms in soil, but they both play a huge role in strengthening your plants’ underground root networks. And any soil with a shortage of them can become a potential breeding ground for disease.

Better still, mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria can also help unlock existing nutrients bound up in soil and compost, making it perfect for use in lower-quality soil. So, by using Root Well’s organic formula this spring, you’ll be able to garden with peace of mind.

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What are mycorrhizal fungi?

Mycorrhizal is the most common fungi within the soil in your garden. They have been used by gardeners for hundreds of years, as they are naturally occurring. In fact, they’ve been on earth for millions of years and have been researched extensively – indeed, more than 90% of all plant life depends on mycorrhizal fungi, as they effectively expand the area of absorption available to plant roots, particularly in uncultivated soil that’s naturally low in phosphorous.

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How do bacteria help?

Plants provide bacteria with carbohydrates, vitamins, and organic acids to stimulate their growth. In turn the bacteria, and more specifically their enzymes, make certain nutrients, such as phosphorus and nitrogen, more readily available for the plants to absorb, helping them to become even healthier.

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What is Root Well?

Root Well is an organic blend of mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria that helps plants to increase nutrient and moisture uptake via their roots. The two ingredients perform similar roles within the soil, but together they create what is sometimes known as the ‘Wood Wide Web’ – a labyrinth of connections between plants, making for a stronger ecosystem overall. By strengthening the plants roots, the fungi and bacteria can help protect the plant against disease and pathogens.

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How do you use Root Well?

Root Well powder couldn’t be easier to apply to your plants, so you can start treating them as soon as possible. You simply adjust the dosage by pot size according the packet instructions, evenly sprinkle on the required amount and lightly water into the soil.

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Help strengthen and protect your plants with Root Well

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