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Fruit and veg

  • Plant out sweetcorn after hardening off, arranging plants in blocks to aid pollination
  • Cover developing and ripening fruits with netting or fleece to protect them from birds
  • Enjoy the last harvests of asparagus this month, then leave the ferny top-growth to grow up over the summer
  • Spread mulch around thirsty crops such as beans and courgettes to hold in moisture around their roots
  • Check for woolly aphids on fruit trees, and treat infestations with soap-based spray
  • Water vegetables and fruit in containers regularly, especially during dry sunny weather
  • Go on regular snail hunts, especially on damp evenings, to reduce populations
  • Tie in new shoots of blackberries, raspberries, loganberries and other cane fruits
  • Apply tomato feed regularly to fruiting veg crops, including tomatoes, courgettes, pumpkins and chillies
  • Plant up an edible hanging basket with trailing tomatoes and herbs, and keep it well watered all summer
  • Rejuvenate chives by cutting the clump down to the base, for a fresh crop of new leaves in just a few weeks
  • Water beans and peas as they start to flower
  • Pull out any raspberry canes sprouting up out of their dedicated area
  • Take softwood cuttings of herbs such as marjoram and sage, plant in gritty compost and place on a sunny windowsill
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House plants

  • Start feeding houseplants once a week with liquid fertiliser, continuing through to autumn
  • Water your house plants more regularly as the temperatures warm and light levels increase, check the soil before watering. Take a look at our guide to watering house plants
  • Repot any houseplants that have become top heavy or pot bound into larger containers
  • Ensure house plants are not getting scorched by summer sunshine. Either move further from the window or choose house plants that will thrive in a sunny spot
  • Some house plants, like snake plants, are particularly prone to collecting dust on their leaves. So be sure to give these a wipe regularly
  • Put houseplants outside for the summer in a warm, sheltered spot to enjoy the fresh air and extra light
  • Take leaf cuttings from houseplants, including African violets, begonias and Cape primroses
  • Check your house plants for pests like aphidsscale insectsthrips and mealybugs

For more house plant advice and inspiration visit our Growing and caring for house plants page

Garden maintenance

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