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How to choose a cordless tool system that works for you

To help you decide on the right equipment, Greenworks has put together this handy guide – plus, there’s a great offer for you to take advantage of!

As many of us try to enjoy a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, it’s no surprise more and more people are considering the benefits of swapping old petrol and corded electric garden tools with Lithium-ion battery-powered alternatives.

Want to find out more and know all your options before you invest in new tools? Greenworks is here to help...

What are the benefits of cordless garden tools?

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Cordless gardening tools offer several advantages. They produce little noise, and no fumes or odours, making them a more environmentally friendly alternative to petrol. And without any trailing power cords to become entangled or accidentally severed, they offer you full operational freedom.

Traditionally, the trade-off was lower power and run time, but today’s Lithium-ion powered tools are amazingly efficient and are available in increasingly higher voltages, along with higher capacity batteries for extended use. They provide a decent amount of power and, despite being relatively small, can cope with being charged time and time again. What’s more, they can be fully charged in less than 60 minutes and will hold their charge for months.

Greenworks offers a wide range of world-leading cordless products that feature the very best electronics and Lithium-ion technology, so completing your outdoor tasks will be a breeze. Whether you’re mowing the lawn or building a new deck, you’ll find the perfect tool for the job. The range also includes options suitable for any size garden, small or big, and they’re all light and simple to use, as well as easy to store. Plus, because the batteries can be shared across a range of power tools, they are wonderfully flexible and economical too.

What’s the difference between a cordless tool set and a multi-tool system?

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Whereas a multi-tool system refers to a set of tools made up of one pole with interchangeable heads, a cordless tool system comprises a series of individual tools within a range, such as lawn mowers and hedge trimmers, which are sold separately with the choice of a battery and charger.

This means once you’ve bought your first garden tool with a battery and charger, you’ll only need to buy the tools from that range in the future. So, if you bought a Greenworks 60V 46cm self-propelled lawn mower with a battery and charger, and then decided you need a new hedge trimmer, you could buy the 60V Digipro 66cm hedge trimmer and power it with the same battery. With this in mind, it’s worth taking some time to consider what garden tools you might want to add to your collection in the future.

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What battery voltage do I need for my cordless garden tools?

Greenworks 24V 4Ah Battery

If you’ve decided a cordless tool system is the way forward, think about the size and layout of your outdoor space and consider the jobs you want to tackle. Greenworks has power levels for every type of garden and task.

There’s a versatile 24V battery range for smaller garden needs, and a convenient 40V range for medium to large gardens, or when you have multiple jobs on your to-do list. The 48V range delivers optimal power and versatility for tougher jobs and more extensive gardens (it uses two 24V batteries to power the 48V motor).

Finally, there’s the 60V battery. A real powerhouse in a lightweight and eco-friendly format, the 60V has the power, extended runtime, and top-of-the-range features to tackle large plots of land, sloping lawns and thick vegetation. It will even make light work of jobs that would usually require the strength of bigger machines, such as trimming mature hedges and cutting through thick tree limbs, replacing the need for big petrol-powered tools.

To get you going on your cordless garden tool journey, Greenworks has great value starter kits, including the 24V 33cm cordless lawn mower and 25cm line trimmer and the 48V (2 x 24V) 36cm lawn mower and 24V 25cm line trimmer with two 2Ah batteries and a twin charger.

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Get a FREE Greenworks 24V hedge trimmer


Get a FREE Greenworks 24V hedge trimmer with every 24V or 48V lawn mower!

A healthy lawn is at the heart of many gardens, but mowing the grass can be a mundane chore. To speed things up, why not invest in a lightweight cordless lawn mower? Not only will it remove the need to navigate cables, allowing you to move freely and easily around the lawn, but if you choose a 24V or 48V lawn mower (with battery and charger), you’ll receive a completely free 24V hedge trimmer (tool only)! Simply use the code HEDGETRIMMER at checkout, but be quick, this offer ends 14 May 2023.

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